Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)

An RSMS is a permanent visa requiring a job offer in a regional area of Australia. The skill level for the employer is lower than for ENS and it is possible to sponsor in a wider range of occupations than 457 and ENS.

Apart from these options, there is a wide range of other potential solutions which may be better suited for an employer’s specific needs. Acacia has experience with them all and can recommend the best solution for your business.

Employers can sponsor for occupational trainee visas where the employee needs to be in Australia to complete workplace-based training.
Occupational trainee visa (OTV) holders would typically receive on-the-job training, but this can be combined with classroom-based training.

Occupational Trainee Visa Eligibility Streams

There are a number of eligibility streams for the occupational trainee visa (OTV), including:

• Training for Registration Purposes
• Training to Enhance Skills
• Training for Capacity Building Overseas

Common Issues with Occupational Trainee Visas

Many employers struggle with the following issues in obtaining occupational trainee visas:
• Selecting the correct eligibility stream
• Providing adequate details of the training to be undertaken
• Dealing with visa criteria such as applicant’s skill level, English language ability, health insurance and including family members in the application