Sponsoring Employees

Sponsoring employees comes with a host of potential immigration issues. Many business owners and human resource professionals find the red-tape overwhelming and are unable to keep up with changes to legislation and Department of Immigration policies. This leads to the process taking much longer than necessary, and in many cases to applications being refused by the Department of Immigration.

Increased compliance requirements expose employers who do not fully understand sponsorship obligations to fines, being locked out of the sponsoring employees and criminal sanctions.

Dagama Pereira Immigration Lawyers helps Human Resources Managers and Business Owners to transition overseas talent to Australia in the most efficient way possible – saving time, reducing risk and within a market-competitive fixed fee structure.There are several common visa options that allow businesses to sponsor workers, including:

Temporary Business Sponsorship (457 visas)

457 visas allow businesses based either in Australia or overseas to sponsor workers for a temporary visa lasting up to 4 years.

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

The Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) allows employers to “sponsor” employees for permanent residence. Only Australian businesses can access the ENS program, and there is a higher level of skill required by the applicant than for the 457 visa.